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Unicorns feature checklist

Unicorns 1

Product: before sprint planning
1. Specs are written in Notion
2. The Scope for the next release defined
3. Video in Loom is shared before sprint planning
4. Copy is written and checked (in #copy)
5. Intercom help doc written, and the link generated
6. Analytics events are defined, and a JIRA ticket created
7. Marketing plan is created and linked to Notion backlog
8. Access to Staging for Marketing is given
9. Visibility for team roles is defined

Dev: before release
1. A Design in Figma created
2. Links to Specs & Design (if possible) in JIRA tickets are provided
3. FE & BE discussed API (and write it down)
4. Analytics events are added
5. Roll-out strategy checked (FT or ABT)
6. WL support checked
7. Task is reviewed by Tech, Product, and Design representative on Staging