About | Eugene R.
Eugene Rodin

Hi 👋🏼, I'm Eugene.

I'm a passionate software engineer based in Berlin.
I focus on full-stack web and iOS development.

The mentioned areas of software development have a variety of subject areas, breadth of skills, and technologies that have been keeping my interest to work on the highest level.

During my career, I've participated in some projects, performed various roles, and tried the plenty amount of tools. There are some of those: developed a visual editor on WebGL and Canvas to build chatbots logic; led iOS app MVP development in Swift and SwiftUI; participated in backend development for a three stripes clothing shop mobile app with NodeJS.

In addition to software development, I'm interested in the things such as: music – I prefer melodic electronic music like Moderat and Christian Löffler; festival and independent films watching; looking into investing area; travelling; playing console; football – I used to play, now watch, rarely.